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In the spotlight is

Emily Walker

Emily recently received the “Achievement” award at our 2019 Dance Dynamics Recital. This award is given to a dancer for their exceptional talent and outstanding attitude. This young lady came through my doors in 2014, was a ball of energy and full of laughs from day one. While she had danced some before joining ADSD, she was a natural who picked up dance and gymnastics quickly. Some of her first routines was a jazz dance to the song “Timber. Her nickname is CH and she keeps us all laughing with her quirkiness, non-stop talking and helpful attitude. As a beautiful dancer, she commands the center of attention. The audience is naturally drawn to watch her. If you ever doubt that it’s all about her, just as and she will tell you. Her dream is to be a dancer on a cruise ship….as long as she doesn’t have to sing. Between juggling school, work, dance and baking cookies EVERY night - she always gives it her all. Her famous last words are ….. “When you see the bow, say hello”!